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Friday, January 15, 2010

Nut allergies on planes

On January 8, USA Today reported that the Canadian Transportation Authority (CTA) has ordered Air Canada to begin steps to create “nut free zones” (NFZ) in their plane cabins to accommodate passengers with severe nut allergies. The CTA made their decision on the basis of complaints from 2 passengers following what were described as "inconsistent and difficult experiences" when they asked Air Canada to accommodate their nut allergies.

A Canadian newspaper, Toronto’s National Post, reported that the CTA gave Air Canada 30 days to give them a plan to create NFZ for each type of plane. Non-allergic passengers seated in these areas will be advised that they may only bring nut-free food stuffs on board and that they will only be served nut-free foods while in flight.

One of the 2 passengers who filed the complaints with the CTA felt that the ruling could have gone further. Another Canadian newspaper reported that the passenger wanted a global nut ban on all flights.

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