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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sadly, gastroenterologist and immunologist Lloyd Mayer M. D., Head of the Division of Clinical Immunology, Icahn School of medicine at Mount Sinai, passed away September 5, 2013. Dr. Mayer was a highly esteemed colleague of the mucosal immunology community who made major contributions in the field. His passion was inflammatory bowel disease and among many scientific contributions he discovered that T cells secrete factors which control the class switching, activation, and proliferation of B cells. He applied himself to numerous organizations and held the highly esteemed position of Chairman of the National Scientific Advisory Committee of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. He was highly active in the Allergy/Immunology community as his research focused on mechanisms of oral tolerance and he was a key member of the NIH NIAID Consortium of Food Allergy Researchers (CoFAR). Anyone who knew Dr. Mayer describe him as a selfless person who despite all of his extraordinary accomplishments always remained humble and unassuming and was an irreplaceable friend to anyone who knew him.  For more details about his life and accomplishments, please view this memorial in the Journal of Clinical Immunology (published by Springer, Nov. 2013) 

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  1. Coming across news and researches on allergies compel me to find out more because of my problem with allergies. Sorry to see such an important helper pass away. I have noticed that great researchers are very humble and they bring forth very important findings that are significant to human development.